The Graduate Recruitment Information Database (GRID) Network is an innovative tool to help prospective students maintain contact with the university and fellow recruits. The GRID Network allows the University of Florida to follow your matriculation to and through the application process. We strongly urge you to obtain your GRID Network access today. We also will use this database to process any potential reimbursements due to qualified participants. In order to do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Apply to UF’s Campus Visitation Program using the electronic forms
  2. Save your Campus Visitation Application number provided to you after completing the application
  3. Apply to the University of Florida using the electronic forms
  4. Save your UF-ID number provided to you after completing the application
  5. Use the form below to submit your Campus Visitation Number, UF-ID, and any applicable attachments (PDF copy of the email which confirms your UF Application has been submitted)
Submit Grid Network Request:
Campus Visitation Application#  
Your UFID  
Attachment (if applicable)