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NameCurrent UF Faculty RankHome Department
AARON,JESSICA ELANA Associate ProfessorSpanish and Portuguese Studies (Department)
ABBOTT,JEFFREY R Associate ProfessorVeterinary Medicine (College)
ABBOUD,KHALIL A ScientistChemistry (Department)
ABD-ELRAHMAN,AMR H Associate ProfessorForest Resources and Conservation (School)
ABERNATHY,CAMMY ProfessorMaterials Science and Engineering (Department)
ABRAMOWITZ,SHARON ALANE Assistant ProfessorAnthropology (Department)
ABRAMS,LISE ProfessorPsychology (Department)
ABRANCHES,JACQUELINE Assistant ProfessorOral Biology (Department)
ACHE,BARRY W Distinguished ProfessorBiology (Department)
ACOMB,GLENN A Senior LecturerLandscape Architecture (Department)
ACOSTA,DARIN E ProfessorPhysics (Department)
ADAMS,ALISON EVE Assistant ProfessorAgricultural and Life Sciences (College)
ADAMS,ALYSON JOYCE Clinical Associate ProfessorTeaching and Learning (School)
ADAMS,CARRIE R Associate ProfessorEnvironmental Horticulture (Department)
ADAMS,CHARLES M ProfessorFood and Resource Economics (Department)
ADAMS,DAMIAN Associate ProfessorForest Resources and Conservation (School)
ADAMS,JONATHAN Assistant ProfessorEconomics (Department)
ADAMS,PETER N Associate ProfessorGeological Sciences (Department)
ADAMS,SEAN P ProfessorHistory (Department)
ADAMS,THOMASENIA L ProfessorTeaching and Learning (School)
ADESOGAN,ADEGBOLA TOLULOPE ProfessorAnimal Sciences (Department)
ADLER,JEFFREY S ProfessorHistory (Department)
AGBANDJE-MCKENNA,MAVIS ProfessorBiochemistry and Molecular Biology (Department)
AGEHARA,SHINSUKE Assistant ProfessorHorticultural Sciences (Department)
AGUIRRE,JOSE I Assistant ProfessorPhysiological Sciences (Department)
AHLBERG,JAIME Assistant ProfessorPhilosophy (Department)
AHN,SANG-JOON Research Assistant ProfessorOral Biology (Department)
AHN,SOOHYOUN Assistant ProfessorFood Science and Human Nutrition (Department)
AHRENS,ROBERT Associate ProfessorForest Resources and Conservation (School)
AHRENTZEN,SHERRY ProfessorConstruction Management (School)
AHUJA,RAVINDRA K ProfessorIndustrial and Systems Engineering (Department)
AI,CHUNRONG ProfessorEconomics (Department)
AIFANTIS,KATERINA ELIAS Associate ProfessorMechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Department)
AITKALIYEVA,ASSEL Assistant ProfessorMaterials Science and Engineering (Department)
AITSAHLIA,FARID Clinical Assistant ProfessorFinance, Insurance and Real Estate (Department)
AKCALI,ELIF Associate ProfessorIndustrial and Systems Engineering (Department)
AKINYEMI,AKINTUNDE ProfessorLanguage, Literature and Culture (Department)
ALAKSHENDRA,ABHINAV Assistant ProfessorUrban and Regional Planning (Department)
ALAPPATTU,MERYL J Research Assistant ProfessorPhysical Therapy (Department)
ALBA,JOSEPH W Distinguished ProfessorMarketing (Department)
ALBORN,HANS T Associate ProfessorEntomology and Nematology (Department)
ALBRECHT,UTE Assistant ProfessorHorticultural Sciences (Department)
ALDRICH,JANE V ProfessorMedicinal Chemistry (Department)
ALEXAKIS,KONSTANTINOS Assistant ProfessorLandscape Architecture (Department)
ALFEREZ,FERNANDO MIGUEL Assistant ProfessorHorticultural Sciences (Department)
ALGINA,JAMES J ProfessorHuman Development and Organizational Studies in Education (Department)
ALI,AFSAR Research Associate ProfessorPublic Health and Health Professions (College)
ALI,GUL SHAD Assistant ProfessorPlant Pathology (Department)
ALLADI,KRISHNASWAMI ProfessorMathematics (Department)
ALLAN,SANDRA A Courtesy Assistant ProfessorVeterinary Medicine (College)

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